Adult Sex Toys store in Boudh Baudh Balangir India


Adult Sex Toys store in Boudh Baudh Balangir India

Our Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator features dual motors and powerful vibration patterns. One motor controls the 12 different vibration patterns in the shaft, right down the enlarged head for G-spot stimulation. The other motor controls the 11 unique vibration modes within the 6-bead anal probe and bunny-eared clitoral tickler, overwhelming your senses in sweet bliss! Enjoy the soft silicone finish, complete with an ABS chrome loop handle for comfortable grip during use. An integrated travel lock prevents your toy from turning on when you don’t want it to, while vibrations are quiet and discreet. A USB charging cord lets you charge this must-have toy practically anywhere, so you can embrace that Beach Bum Beach Bunny life! Water-resistant for shower-time fun.

Our Extreme Power Lipstick Bullet Vibrator delivers extreme power even with its discreet size. At 4 inches tall, Quakey gives you extreme power intensity but in a discreet, easy-to-conceal design. A single button lets you power on and cycles through the 10 rumbling vibration patterns. The tip features a flat surface to help you pinpoint all your sweet spots. So what are you waiting for? Experience rhythmically quaking pleasure, and be sent over the edge every time! Waterproof for bath and shower time fun. Enhance your sexual pleasure with this ultra-versatile vibrator, the Power Couple Dual-Pulsating Vibe! Connected by a 7 inch cord, its 2 separate motors will reach all of your sweet spots! Its versatile design can be used in a variety of different ways that will benefit both solo and partnered play. The clitoral stimulator delivers sensual sucking and pumping while the textured vibrating egg curves upward to nestle against your G-spot – or P-spot! Enjoy both ends by yourself or share opposite ends with a partner.

Adult Sex Toys store in Boudh Baudh Balangir India

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Give up control and let your partner take control of you with this orgasm inducing egg, the Wired Flurry Bullet. This can be fun for vaginal play as long as you stimulate the clit first. And you can kill two birds with one stone by using this sexy egg vibrator on both partners. This great for solo use, but can be even better for a flurry of partnered fun. Tastee heightens your whole body’s pleasure experience with adjustable suction and rhythmic pulsations. The 2 different suction cups allow Tastee to latch onto your vulva, breasts, or any other area that Tastee can seal to! Double-press the suction control button for a pulsating pull, arousing every nerve in your body. Feel the pleasures of oral affection combined with any of the 7 unique vibration patterns. Choose from soft, slow drags to quick, fluttering licks, to hurricane torrents of stroking passion! Start slow with a lazy licking stroke and while slowly increasing the suction. As your body becomes more and more aroused, up the vibrations and repeat until you can’t take any more.

Our Finger Vibrator with Removable Bullet gives you delicious power with the discreet pin-point touch of your fingertips. 7 different vibration patterns rumble through the mini bullet to provide or receive sweet, sweet pleasure! The removable silicone sleeve features small massaging nubs to amplify the stimulating tickle on your skin. Just slide this discreet little vibe onto your finger and watch your partner unravel with the first touch! The High Tide is a clitoral massager that will give you wave after wave of clitoral orgasm fun. It is portable, rechargeable, and superior to a bullet. It also has 7 amazing patterns to get the buzzy pinpoint feeling exactly where you want it. This is the perfect toy to start a long night of amazing hot sex. Adult Sex Toys store in Boudh Baudh Balangir India.

Our Bendable Rabbit Vibrator with Clitoral Licking has a flexible shaft that can bend up to 45 degrees to hug your unique shape and reach all your sweet spots. This sex toy has construction with dual motors. One controls the tip of the shaft and the other controls the clitoral stimulator. This toy actually simulates oral sex! Enjoy cunnilingus without a partner. Cycle through 36 different vibration patterns and intensities to select the speeds that thrill you most. Powerful vibrations will throb up to 100 times per second, arousing you to body-tingling orgasm! Keep your rabbit vibe charged for the next time with the included USB charging cable! Rabbit Vibrator USB Rechargeable Clitoral Licking Stimulation.

Our Rabbit Vibrator with G-Spot Tickler features a pulsating tickler that is positioned perfectly to stimulate your G-Spot. We call it the Dosina. This fantastic G-Spot vibe has a vibrating shaft that works seamlessly together with the flickering clit tickler to stimulate your body inside and out A single button controls the 7 unique modes so you can work your way up through each intensity. This rabbit vibe really sets itself apart from all the others. Working your G-Spot and clitoris at the same time will bring you to orgasm every time. Fully rechargeable with the included USB charging cable, this sex toy will always be ready when you are. The Dosina is fully waterproof for bath-time fun and easy clean-up. Adult Sex Toys store in Boudh Baudh Balangir India.

Adult Sex Toys store in Boudh Baudh Balangir India

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Choose your perfect pace with this incredibly stimulating textured massager! Its beaded surface will send you into ecstasy as it massages its way over your most sensitive areas. Turn up the dial for extra intensity or keep it at a low rumble to build your way to intense orgasms every time! Use this toy alone or with a partner; use it for muscle massages during foreplay or get straight to the point and tantalize your sweet spot! This intense vibrating wand is perfect for the beginner to advanced user! Our Vibrating and Thrusting Cock with Balls delivers powerful vibrations and intense thrusting that can be easily controlled by the wireless remote. The dual motors are managed separately so you can play at your own pace. The combination of thrusting, vibrating, and erotic bobbing create an orgasmic blend of pleasure! Unlike regular thrusting vibrators, this realistic human penis vibrates, bobs and twitches like the real thing, simulating truly authentic sensations. Enjoy hands-free pleasure when you anchor your toy with its strong suction-cup mount. This base is compatible with most strap-on harnesses for even kinkier couples play! The wireless remote lets you or your partner take control, cycling through the 10 unique vibration patterns and 6 intense thrusting modes.

Our Extra Strong Vibrating Anal Beads feature vibrating anal beads with pleasure ridges on each bead and an ergonomic handle for easy holding during anal play. Like all HERQUAKE brand sex toys, this bum buster, called the Blizzard, is powerful. Three independent motors channel intense vibrations throughout the flexible, segmented anal probe. Cycle through the 10 different vibration patterns and intensities and decide which one is best for your butt. The tapered tip is elongated for a pleasurable entry into the anus before inserting the 4 additional segments of alternating girths. This butt probe is rechargeable with the included USB charging cable, and it’s water-resistant for playtime in the shower. Just don’t submerge it fully in water. The silky smooth silicone finish cleans up easily and glides into your ass with some good lubrication, like our water based lube. There is even an integrated travel lock feature so your rip cord doesn’t start vibrating when you don’t want it to.