Ultra Soft Penis Extensions- Vibrating


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Ultra Soft Penis Extensions- Vibrating Want to make it bigger in size? Bring home this penis extender that is ultra-soft and comes with a vibrator as well. The wearer just needs to insert the batteries and wear it on his penis for experiencing strong stimulations. As a result, the penis would undergodevelopment with time. What makes it look unique is its Grey and Purple colour combination.Moreover, it is made of silicone, compact in size and light in weight. Equipped with multi-speed vibrating modes, it runs onbatteries and is waterproof as well.

Size: 6.5 inches long and 1.4 inches in circumference

Special feature: Waterproof, Multi-speed vibration

Battery: 2 AA batteries

Product Brand Code:- USPEV9916
Brand: Humdam
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA




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