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Anal Pleasure Butt Plug,Out of all forms of lovemaking, anal play is considered to be among the passionate and engaging ones. If you and your partner are yet to experience it for the first time, try playing with each by taking help of this Anal Pleasure Butt Plug. Made of good quality TPE, it is not only safe to use but quite smooth to use on the genitals. Purple in colour, this anal toy looks quite stylish and is sure to attract mostly women. What also makes it pleasurable for use is its body that would send pure sensations inside the genitals, making them lubricate well.

Great for beginners and intermediate users

· Flared base enabled

· Soft body

· Bumps and shaft enabled

· Prostrate stimulation

· G-spot stimulation

· Easy to insert

Now anal play is going to leave you stimulated and orgasmic with the help of this super erotic anal toy. Use this with a lubricant if it’s the first time for you. This would keep the insertions soft .

Product Brand Code:- APBP9905
Brand: Alexa Balbu
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA



Anal Pleasure Butt Plug

Anal Pleasure Butt Plug

Anal Pleasure Butt Plug


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