Crystal Anal Butt Plug



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If you are having plans for anal play, this Crystal Anal Butt Plug would be a super option to consider. Being extremely user-friendly, one just needs to place it inside the buttfor stimulation. What makes it an effective toy is its vibrator that willtickle one’s butt and bring onnew sensations. Compact in size, it can be stored anywhere.You can even take it to the showers as it is completely waterproof.Moreover, it is made of silicone.Crystal Anal Butt Plug

Material: Silicone

Colour: Purple

Size: Length is 14 cm, top diameter is 1.4 cm and Max diameter is 4.1 cm

Special feature: Waterproof

Product Brand Code:- CABp5526
Brand: Alexa Balbu
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA




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