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Double Decker 4 Wholes Real Sex Doll,If you had always wanted someone to lie down with you on bed 24 x 7, this Sleep With Me Dual sex doll will surely leave you contented. With a soft, squeezable body made of high-quality silicone, this dual sex doll is ideal for all men who are restless to meet their bodily pleasures. One doll comes attached with another that marks the most unique aspect. Moreover, what makes this doll look realistic is that it comes with a woman’s private parts, acutely shaped, which are flexible enough to penetrate and stroke in as well.

The structure of the doll is quite seductive that will let men stay high on their libido and fire them up to make love with real passion. It is 5 feet tall and can be easily washed every time before and after use.Double Decker 4 Wholes Real Sex Doll

Category: Sex Doll

Material: Silicone

Colour: Skin

Height: 5 feet

Product Brand Code:- DDWRSD5509
Brand: Penthouse
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA





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