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Sunning Sexy Girl,Scarlet is inviting you to plunge deep into her sexy mouth, tight pussy, and waiting ass. Made of realistic SexFlesh material, she feels just like the real thing! Expertly designed for extreme realism, the dual density design allows for realistic firmness in strategic spots. All of her inner love tunnels are studded with sensational ribbing for incredible pleasure, and will offer a powerful grip! Watching her pretty face and flowing mane as you stroke back and forth inside her. Perfectly sized for easy handling, while maintaining a delicious weight and realistic feel for an ultra lifelike fuck. Internally textured to simulate the feeling of real flesh. Once you have tried Scarlet, you will be hooked.Sunning Sexy Girl

Product Brand Code:- SSG7745
Brand: Sex Flesh
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA



Sunning Sexy Girl


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